Thursday, 1 September 2016

Islamic Market Programme 2016 - Fintech Storm: Disruptions and Opportunities

A snapshot of IMP 2016 Agenda
Islamic Market Programme is a yearly event organized by Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), a learning and development arm of the Securities Commission Malaysia. The theme of this year programme is "Enhancing Sustainbility of Global Businesses: Role of the Islamic Capital Market".
I was given a slot in this 3 day programs. I was invited to talk about Fintech disruptions and opportunities in Islamic Capital Market. I started with introduction of what fintech and is and continued with evolution and revolution of fintech for the past 6 decades. Subsequently, I focused on the following 3 main items:
1. Global Fintech Investment in Capital Markets
2. Fintech Innovations in the Capital Market Space
3. Fintech Influence in Islamic Capital Market (ICM) Development and the Challenges

Addressing IMP 2016 Participants
My key message to the participants was that Fintech brought numerous opportunities but a disruption to the business as usual models.

Engrossed in delivering my messages
KPMG Frontiers in finance had nicely put it, "a perfect storm of conditions is brewing that makes financial technology (fintech) the right solution for the right conditions at the right time. And the time is now".
Group photo with other speakers, participants and the organizer

 I also took the opportunity to sit through the whole 3 day programme and gained a lot of insights from other speakers.

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